A Skincare Guide to AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid

AHAs are popular ingredients in skin care products for acne, anti aging, or just general moisturizers, but rarely do these products also educate you about how to use an AHA, the benefits they offer or their side effects. AHAs are potent and if you use them without proper care for your skin, they can result in more damage than their intended benefits. This guide explains the benefits, side effects, different types of alpha hydroxy acids, and offer some recommendations for best performing AHA products for skin problems.

Best At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit – Pros, Cons, & How to Use

Best At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit - Pros, Cons, & How to Use

You may have noticed that your teeth are less white after weeks of regularly drinking coffee, tea, or wine. And sometimes not even regular brushing and flossing can get rid of this yellowing or stains. So what about teeth whitening? Can a teeth whitening kit to get rid of yellow teeth, teeth stains, and brighten your smile? And can you do this at home or do you need to schedule a dental appointment?

Glycolic acid vs salicylic acid

Both glycolic acid and salicylic acid are hydroxy acids, but they can be used to tackle different skin issues. They each lightly exfoliate, penetrate the skin and are considered to be active ingredients that should be used with care. And using them properly and regularly can yield fast and long lasting results in skin texture and complexion.

Vitamin C and Benefits for Skin

Vitamin C skincare science oranges

We’ve all heard of Vitamin C and it’s great many benefits for our skin health. But did you know that there are 2 ways to deliver Vitamin C to your skin? You can eat it via food or you can use a topical Vitamin C serum that delivers it directly to your skin. In this introduction to Vitamin C, we break down both methods to understand the research behind how Vitamin C can improve your skin.