Numbing Creams for Epilators & Laser Hair Removal – Which ones work best?

Does laser hair removal or using an epilator hurt too much? Don’t worry, you have options. You can use a numbing cream to temporarily numb your skin and lessen the pain of hair removal. This guide breaks down how numbing creams work, the best numbing creams for different parts of your body, and how to use numbing creams before hair removal.

Epilators vs Waxing?

We get common questions like “do epilators hurt?” or “which is better?”. Epilators and waxing both remove hair from the root, so they’re similar in their end result. But the process is different for each. So here’s a guide that compares epilators vs waxing on some key characteristics, like waxing vs epilator pain or which costs more, that can help you determine which of these hair removal methods can work better for you.