Ingrown hair

Do Epilators Cause Ingrown Hairs?

Short answer: No. If you are using a good quality epilator the right way, epilators should NOT cause ingrown hairs. However, you ended up here because you are using an epilator that is causing more ingrown hairs than you expect. So why is this happening? Let’s go over two explanations and how to avoid them…

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Best epilators have low pain

Best 7 Epilator Reviews for Better Hair Removal

A complete guide: Epilator hair removal Epilators have come a long way since we started using them for hair removal a few years back, with an infinite number of features, speeds, colors. There are so many options that it is confusing to pick a good epilator unless you are an epilator veteran. To skip ahead…

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Epilators vs Waxing?

Epilators or Waxing – Which at home hair removal method is better for you? We get common questions like “do epilators hurt?” or “which is better?”. Epilators and waxing both remove hair from the root, so they’re similar in their end result. But the process is different for each. So here’s a guide that compares…

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How to prevent ingrown hairs after waxing

And how to treat ingrown hairs after they show up When you wax your hair, you pull it out from it’s root or follicle. Sometimes, when the hair regrows, it can regrow inward rather than outward like normal. This results in an ingrown hair which can be annoying to deal with. So how treat ingrown…

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Best epilators

10 tips for pain less epilation

Do epilators hurt? How to make epilating easier and pain free Using an epilator can be incredibly painful. Like waxing, the epilator removes hair by yanking many hairs out from their roots at the same time. Pain tolerance varies from person to person. For those with sensitive skin, using an epilator for the first time…

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Comparing Epilators – Pros and Cons

Below is a concise side by side comparison of 7 of the most popular epilators and their features. We specifically look at features such number of tweezers, whether or not it can be used in the shower or bath (wet/dry), if the epilator is cordless, if the epilator has a built in light, epilator accessories,…

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