Claire Martin, RD

Claire Martin, RD

Registered Dietician

Hello! My name is Claire Martin, RD and I am a registered dietician based in Oakland, California with a focus on child nutrition and holistic wellness. I started Being Healthfull to share my knowledge of skincare, haircare, and healthcare. I’ll also be writing about healthy living, including fundamentals of eating clean and good nutrition using both traditional and alternative methods, home remedies for common illnesses, and much more.

Elizabeth Asher, PhD

Skincare & Chemistry

Hey, my name is Elizabeth Asher, Phd and I am a skincare chemist based in San Francisco, particularly interested in educating the public about the science behind different popular skincare ingredients. There is a lot of hype marketing in skincare products that do not show results and by understanding key ingredients, we can make more informed decisions about our skincare purchases. I also make DIY dupes of expensive skincare products in my free time.

Natalie Kane

Dental Hygienist

Hi, my name is Natalie Kane. After working as a dental assistant in Melbourne, Australia, I went on to get certified as a dental hygienist. I’ve worked with patients of all ages, from toddlers to the elderly. And so I’m well educated on the full range of teeth issues and how good teeth care as early as possible can lead to dental health and longevity.