A Comparison of Waxing at Home Kits

Below is a side by side comparison of 5 of the top at home waxing kits. Which at home waxing kit is microwaveable or has a wax warmer? Which can be used a soft wax versus a hard wax? Do they offer additional accessories, like pre waxing oils or a way to remove wax residue when you’re done waxing? Which one best meets my hair removal needs?

Waxing ModelGigi Student Starter KitBody Honee Extra StrengthBliss Poetic Waxing KitNair Brazilian Spa Clay Roll On WaxVeet Ready-to-use Wax Strip Kit
SummaryBest all inclusive at home waxing kitBest microwavable wax for at home waxingBest microwavable wax with accessoriesBest roll on wax, great for travelBest wax for travel
Use as Soft or Hard WaxBothBothBothBothBoth
ReviewsOur review hereOur review hereOur review hereOur review hereOur review here
Wax Warmer or MicrowaveableWax warmer with drip colorMicrowavableMicrowavableMicrowavableMicrowavable
Strips included?YesYesNoYes, strips can be washed and reusedYes
Pre or post waxing treatments includedYes, Pre Hon skin cleanser, Pre Epilation Oil, and of Post Wax Cooling GelNoYes, Super Skin cleanser and Bliss Poetic Waxing pre/post waxing oilNo4 finishing wipes to remove wax residue
Other AccessoriesSlow Grow lotion,
Spatulas in 2 sizes, Wax strips
2 wood spatulas,
8 wax strips
Ingrown Eliminating pad,
6 spatulas in 2 different sizes,
None40 wax strips
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